I received Diagnostic Images of a naturally reversed hiatal hernia from a follower!

hiatal hernia Mar 06, 2019

Here is the message I received from one of my YouTube followers about his hiatal hernia...and on my Birthday!

Hi Pam my name is Rock Sanders and you're not going to believe my story. I have been following you on YouTube because I had a sliding hiatus hernia and acid reflux. My doctor is Dr. Ronnie Cyzner, a gastroenterologist in Charlotte NC. My doctor has put me to sleep 3 times looking at it. After following you for a whole year and doing the things that I was able to see you do on YouTube I went back to Dr. Cyzner today 3/5/19 because my primary doctor gave me a medication for a totally different problem that I was having. That medicine raised my liver levels and pancreas levels which scared me ridiculously. So Dr. Cyzner took me off of that medicine, I was only supposed to take it for 14 days and I ended up taking it for only 10 days because of the complication. I am getting a ct scan of my liver and pancreas this week to make sure everything is ok. (Mind you, I don't drink or smoke). To make a long story short, when Dr. Cyzner put me to sleep today on 3/5/19 to check and see if the medication had messed up my stomach, in which it did not (thank god), but he did find something that shocked him!!!!! Keep in mind that I haven't had any acid reflux or shortness of breath since following you for a year. Dr. Cyzner told me that my hiatal hernia was completely gone and he couldn't even find a trace of it, mind you, I didn't go there for the hiatal hernia this visit. I don’t know how to thank you. This is today completely gone and no signs of the hiatal hernia are anywhere. I did not take any medication what-so-ever for the acid reflux. I just totally followed your methods. The breathing technique and exercises, diet, and building the diaphragm while learning to control the stomach muscles. I do your teaching every day, twice a day, once in the morning before I eat anything, and once at night before bed. You're more than welcome to use my name or anything you need because I was lost until I started following you on YouTube. Thank you so much Mrs. Fox I’ll keep you informed on further progress. It’s wonderful that people like yourself exist that are able to share helpful information with others. God bless you and take care, thanks.

Rock Sanders, Charlotte, NC

This first image was taken on 5/14/2015 and displays a diagnosis of hiatal hernia.

This second image was taken on 3/5/2019, and the diagnoses are all labeled normal.


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