Welcome! I'm Pam Fox, a holistic health coach

I help people who want to heal in natural and effective ways.

Much of today's disease is needless and can be overcome, or at least improved with natural methods.

I myself suffered needlessly for many years. Getting my health back is everything I imagined it would be, plus it has opened up my life to all new possibilities.

Looking my best feels wonderful, but feeling my best allows me to fully live my life.

These past four years, I have experienced things that my younger self never even dare to dream of. And it's all because I gained the energy and the ability and the clarity and the Vitality to do so.

Have you made the connection that we as individuals have more control over our health than we have been led to believe.?

Awesome! Welcome! I know my work will really resonate with you! Do you appreciate that the body was designed to heal and overcome injury? Do you accept that the reason that you are sick has a lot to do with your own personal lifestyle choices. Are you ready to make the connection that conventional therapies such as prescription drugs and surgeries  are not always the optimal answer to the problem, and in fact can create more problems without even addressing the original issue?

Do you have the desire and willingness to make a serious commitment to your health... the desire to overcome disease and become drug-free through natural  methods? And are you beginning to understand that there is great power in food, in rest, in faith, in relationships, and in purpose?

Are you seeking balance in your life?

You're in the right place!

So, one final question - are you ready to commit to trying out new things in order to achieve that balance?

My message to the world is that much of modern disease is really simply internal injuries that have been brought about by what we consume.

In order to feel and look our best, we have to stop thinking that we can fix our illnesses by adding in something special, or new, or rare, or expensive such as the greatest and latest pills, potions, oils, supplements, therapies,... but instead, start by looking at what we already consume on a daily basis, and have been consuming all of our lives. 

We need to stop putting the emphasis on what we can add in to fix the problem, and start putting the emphasis on what we are already putting in our bodies that is causing the internal injury that manifest itself as disease. 

Ideal nutrition is foundational to optimal, natural healing and prevention of future disease. But beyond diet, there are many more things that we can do to create life's balance and achieve Optimal Health long term... but we must start with the food.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of the pain and discomfort that you experience after you eat.

Imagine being able to eat foods freely and fully enjoy your meals. Imagine going about your daily business such as sitting at a computer, or driving a car, or doing the laundry, or going to the gym, or scooping up a child, with total ease and normalcy?

If you take just 30 days out of your life to eat ideal nutrition, you will find out for yourself exactly how powerful food really is.

Imagine lying down at night and feeling totally comfortable and at ease and falling asleep with complete peacefulness and lack of discomfort. Imagine sleeping through the night in whatever position you desire and getting complete uninterrupted rest until morning, waking up feeling fully rested and ready to face the day.

Imagine waking up with a happy tummy with no pain or belching. Imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing that you reversed your hiatal hernia naturally, and avoided having to take medications that are risky and have long-term side effects, and also avoided risky surgery that may or may not have been effective or permanent.

Heal your Hiatal Hernia naturally

I offer a natural method that focuses on effectively addressing the problem. I honestly have not come across anyone else that teaches what I teach, which is a comprehensive and natural way to actually reverse the hiatal hernia in order to overcome the discomfort and pain the hernia creates.


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