" The video tutorials are how I learned best. Having you there talking us through the guided exercises made me feel very safe and are more relaxed. This course has changed my life for better. I'm actually excited for the future knowing that with hard work we can correct this mechanical problem."-Jodiy C. UK

"I decided to try Pam’s technique to help with my sliding hiatal hernia and I love it! I’ve been doing it daily for the last four weeks, though after a week or so it didn’t feel necessary to do it every single day. I gained several things. The first and most welcome is massive relief. I had low grade nausea and discomfort for years that no doctor could get to the bottom of; though they said the HH “couldn’t possibly be causing all that trouble”. Once I even ended up in the ER with quite alarming symptoms: passing out (vasovagal syncope), palpitations, a weird pinching sensation around my heart, nausea, sense of unease, difficulty breathing, etc. that ECG, all manner of blood tests, X-rays, three doctors and a CAT scan could not pinpoint the cause of. I now know that a uterine myoma was taking up too much room in my abdomen and displacing my stomach. After I had the myoma dealt with, inflamed intestines (bloating) was also a contributor. I got this under control with diet but the stomach still wouldn’t stay down. One morning, two weeks into using the technique, while doing the “Blowing out the candles” exercise, poof! the nausea disappeared and a sense of well-being flowed across my abdomen. It fully relaxed – everything settled into its rightful place. For the first time in I don’t know how long I felt fine. I laughed out loud and tears of relief rolled down my cheeks. Over time I also became aware of things going on in my abdomen, things one does not usually perceive unless there’s some kind of discomfort. I recognized when intestinal bloating was putting pressure on my stomach and pushing it and my esophagus out of place. My awareness of when my abs are becoming tense and pushing my stomach up has grown – very valuable as relaxing the belly is so very important. Pam guided us through these techniques expertly and patiently and I may now just be her biggest fan (or maybe you will be!!)."-Bianca D., Veracruz, Mexico

"Pam Fox is a terrific and caring coach and instructor. I was a member of her "Repair Your Hiatal Hernia Naturally " group and after only a few weeks, I can honestly say I'm feeling better. She is patient and takes time to answer your questions. She has helped me quite a bit. Thank you, Pam!"-Lynne C.

“I was diagnosed with a 2 centimeter sliding hiatal hernia several years ago and my gastroenterologist told me not to worry about it. Fast forward several medications and several gastroenterologists, I can confidently say they were all wrong. I decided to start Pam’s exercises because I felt I had nothing to lose. The first two weeks I didn’t really notice any difference. Around 2 1/2 weeks I was performing her exercise called Eye of the Storm and heard my stomach gurgle! This meant my stomach was moving downward! Finally, I was starting to feel better. The exercises are easy to learn and like any new exercise, the more you do it the better you get at it. These exercises and Pam Fox have been very helpful.” -Paul P., Anaheim, CA, USA

After many years on PPI’s for GERD and hiatal hernia symptoms, I decided to do some research for more of a holistic solution.  I was blessed to come across Pam Fox’s social media site offering guidance on effectively moving the stomach down and strengthening the hiatus to keep the stomach from returning to the hernia position.  I’ve had relief from my symptoms, but it’s a work in progress for me.  Thank you, Pam for all of your help.  -Lisa L. Spring City, Pennsylvania

“It’s been such a God-send to find Pam’s videos. I feel that there is hope for me to heal from my hiatal hernia symptoms. So far drugs and surgery are not an option for me and it’s so great to know that I can try to deal with this naturally. Plus, Pam has a great personality. Love her videos." -Renata D., Canada

"I suffered for a number of years now with a hiatal hernia and associated problems. I first came across Pam's advice about a year ago whilst looking on YouTube for tips and help. I thought at the time it was very helpful and took on board everything she said. When she joined the hiatal hernia support group and shared a video on how she cured her hiatal hernia, I decided to join her test group, Repair your hiatal hernia naturally. The videos had lots of relevant and useful information and she explains everything really well. After following the exercises and meditation i definitely noticed a difference in my symptoms. Especially the tip on relaxing the belly, this was like a eureka moment for me as I carried so much tension in my gut I was previously oblivious to. I'm still practicing the breathing exercises to strengthen my hiatus and doing the self manipulation techniques. Although I'm still symptomatic at the moment, there's been a reduction in my symptoms which I'm so very grateful to Pam for. I will continue to do them and I'm hopeful over time, they will get better and better. The diet advice is also included and I know if I can follow that to, I'm sure it will improve my condition further. Slow steps at the moment though as I don't want to put too much stress on myself. My advice for anyone with a hiatal hernia, is to seek out Pam's videos and give it a go at following the exercises and advice because it has definitely helped me." -Ian M., UK




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