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Quasi Yoga

for Hiatal Hernia

The simple wisdom that gently moves the stomach down revealed! Now you can start taking steps to reclaim your health with a safe, enjoyable exercise program.

In Production, Release Date TBA

The Surprising Health Benefits You Never Knew About Exercising With a Pole

1. Finally discover how the right exercise could keep you racing back for more

2. How you can use gentle leverage and resistance to get the balance, strength and flexibility you've been missing

3. How slow & steady wins the race over no pain, no gain

Could I Never Worry About My Hiatal Hernia Again?

1. The key to how you can work, play, eat, sleep, and live symptom-free

2. The truth about the known cost and risks of surgery and Rx...and the alternative treatment that no-one is telling you

3. How to stop feeling handicapped and start feeling normal so that you can keep up with friends and family

3 Proven Ways to Manage Stress and Improve Immunity

1. Discover your vagus nerve, so that, your first line of defense is strengthened

2. How to practice natural breathing so that you are not always living in a state of "fight or flight"

3. How to end chronic belching foreverso you don't feel like you are losing your mind

Quasi Yoga

with Pam Fox

For Hiatal Hernia


3 Exercise Tutorials

Why the Pole?

Mastering Stomach Movement with Breath

25 Minute Seated Exercise Tutorial

25 Minute Standing Exercise Tutorial

5 Minute Daily Quick Work-out Tutorial



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