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Maintenance Program for Hiatal Hernia Reversal

These diaphragm exercises support a strong and healthy diaphragm for those who have reversed their hiatal hernia naturally, or those with a small hiatal hernia.

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Feel Normal, Live Life

Few talk about the importance of a healthy, strong diaphragm. But this is key in keeping the stomach down, and the hiatus tight, in order to feel normal, and live your life symptom-free.

Eliminate Hiatal Hernia Symptoms

Addressing the Hiatal Hernia means addressing the symptoms it creates. Burping, reflux, pain, anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath and more are created by the anatomical presence of a hiatal hernia.

Avoid Costly Surgery or Rx

We know surgery and Rx can be both costly and risky. My course is a natural alternative that is both highly affordable, and comes with little to no risk involved.

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Stomach Down

With my breath-work protocol, the stomach is rocked downward with the breath. Once you understand how to reduce intra-gastric pressure while breathing, the stomach will move further away from the diaphragm. This requires no special equipment, in fact it can be done in the comfort of your bed!

Diaphragm Up

The diaphragm moves up and down with every breath. We can use this to our advantage to move it up and away from the stomach, while strengthening it. By committing to a daily practice, in a matter of minutes, we can stretch our diaphragm up and away from the stomach with simple breath-work.

Maintain Strength

The diaphragm is a skeletal muscle that requires ongoing maintenance like any other muscle. It needs to be taken through its full range of motion, it needs to be challenged and to work hard from time to time, it needs to stretch, and it needs to relax. All of these can be done effectively with simple breath-work!

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Reverse Hiatal Hernia Naturally


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Learn anatomy of a hiatal hernia, what potentially caused your hiatal hernia, what you may be doing every day to support your hiatal hernia, how the stomach can be moved down with gentle exercises, how the diaphragm can be conditioned with hiatal hernia specific breathwork that moves the stomach down instead of up. Plus diet information and resources for reduction of bloating, constipation, and inflammation, and 3 exercise tutorials led by me!

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This course...Maintenance Program for Hiatal Hernia Reversal


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A diaphragm maintenance program that both moves the stomach down, and the diaphragm up, while strengthening and tightening the hiatus of the diaphragm. Includes 3 exercise tutorials led by me, and a course outline pdf available for download.

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Bundle both courses and SAVE


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Get in depth information and teaching to help you fully understand why you have the symptoms you have, and clearly see that the stomach can be moved down, and the diaphragm can be strengthened through consistent practice, and maintained with minimal effort.

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