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Conventional doctors are trained to treat symptoms of a hiatal hernia with drugs known as proton pump inhibitors in order to weaken the acid that is coming up and injuring the tender tissues of the esophagus and throat.

There is good reason for this. But the body needs strong acid in the stomach in order to fully and properly digest food...this is critical.

Consider this, instead of weakening the acid that is causing damage to the body, what if there was a way to prevent the acid from ever-rising up in the first place? 

So I hope you can clearly see that the answer to relieving your symptoms does not lie in managing the symptoms, but instead lies in reversing the hiatal hernia.


Take away the hiatal hernia, take away the symptoms.

Let me introduce you to Les.

Did you know that at the top of your stomach there is a valve known as the Lower Esophageal Sphincter? Let's call him Les.

Les's job is to clamp down tight and keep the contents of the stomach in the stomach... a very important job! A hiatal hernia is one of the number one culprits that gets in the way of Les's ability to effectively do his job, due to the anatomical pressure that the hernia puts on the lower esophageal sphincter. 

And now you need to meet Gus.

Did you also know that there is a nerve that travels from your brain down along your esophagus and stomach and intestines and other vital organs called the vagus nerve? Let's call him Gus. Gus has many vital responsibilities within the human body as well. But like any nerve, when it has pressure on it long-term, a variety of symptoms and problems can occur throughout the human body. A hiatal hernia, again can put a lot of ongoing long-term anatomical pressure on this nerve. 

Along my own healing journey, I discovered that chiropractors claim they can make an adjustment that un herniates a hiatal hernia. Many of the exercises I developed and used to reverse my own hiatal hernia were based on these teachings...
They differ in that they can be done personally without the help of a chiropractor, and, they differ in that what I teach is a more gentle and consistent approach as opposed to an aggressive one-time approach. 

In other words, when you go to a chiropractor for this type of an adjustment, it's not uncommon to be symptomatic again by the time you get back home.

This is because many to most Hiatal hernias are what are called "sliding hiatal hernias", which means they move in and out of the herniated position.

This is why it's important for individuals with hiatal hernia to learn how to do this manipulation on themselves. 

The biggest thing that makes my protocol unique is the connection that I made with the contraction of the abdominal muscles and the hiatal hernia itself. Besides getting the stomach to move down, the student must learn how to strengthen the hiatus. A strong Hiatus will help prevent future herniation from happening. But for those of us with a hiatal hernia, we cannot strengthen our diaphragm with conventional diaphragmatic breathing exercises and techniques.

The techniques that I developed are very specific for the hiatal hernia sufferer.

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I understand that you are desperate for relief, and I want to help you get that relief naturally and effectively. I am not here to help you try out remedies that may or may not manage some of your symptoms.

What I teach is not symptom "management". But instead, what I teach is how to move the stomach down and out of the herniated position, and strengthen the diaphragm so that the herniation can not reoccur.

"The video tutorials are how I learned best. Having you there talking us through the guided exercises made me feel very safe and are more relaxed. This course has changed my life for better. I'm actually excited for the future knowing that with hard work we can correct this mechanical problem."

Jodiy C. (UK)

"One morning, two weeks into using the technique, while doing the “Blowing out the candles” exercise, poof! the nausea disappeared and a sense of well-being flowed across my abdomen. It fully relaxed – everything settled into its rightful place. For the first time in I don’t know how long I felt fine. I laughed out loud and tears of relief rolled down my cheeks."

Bianca D., Veracruz, Mexico
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"Pam Fox is a terrific and caring coach and instructor. I was a member of her "Repair Your Hiatal Hernia Naturally " group and after only a few weeks, I can honestly say I'm feeling better. She is patient and takes time to answer your questions. She has helped me quite a bit. Thank you, Pam!"

Lynne C.

"I was diagnosed with a 2 centimeter sliding hiatal hernia several years ago and my gastroenterologist told me not to worry about it. Fast forward several medications and several gastroenterologists, I can confidently say they were all wrong. I decided to start Pam’s exercises because I felt I had nothing to lose. The first two weeks I didn’t really notice any difference. Around 2 1/2 weeks I was performing her exercise called Eye of the Storm and heard my stomach gurgle! This meant my stomach was moving downward! Finally, I was starting to feel better. The exercises are easy to learn and like any new exercise, the more you do it the better you get at it. These exercises and Pam Fox have been very helpful."

Paul P., Anaheim, CA, USA

"After many years on PPI’s for GERD and hiatal hernia symptoms, I decided to do some research for more of a holistic solution. I was blessed to come across Pam Fox’s social media site offering guidance on effectively moving the stomach down and strengthening the hiatus to keep the stomach from returning to the hernia position. I’ve had relief from my symptoms, but it’s a work in progress for me. Thank you, Pam for all of your help."

Lisa L. Spring City, Pennsylvania

"It’s been such a God-send to find Pam’s videos. I feel that there is hope for me to heal from my hiatal hernia symptoms. So far drugs and surgery are not an option for me and it’s so great to know that I can try to deal with this naturally. Plus, Pam has a great personality. Love her videos."

Renata D., Canada

"My advice for anyone with a hiatal hernia, is to seek out Pam's videos and give it a go at following the exercises and advice because it has definitely helped me. Although I'm still symptomatic at the moment, there's been a reduction in my symptoms which I'm so very grateful to Pam for. I will continue to do them and I'm hopeful over time, they will get better and better. "

Ian M., UK

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